5/5 on Trip Advisor Print

Trip Advisor LogoWe were blissfully unaware of Trip Advisor until one guest told us that they came to stay because of our reviews there. In the USA, Trip Advisor is now the third most visited website in the recreation category. An American guest staying with us right now told me over her first cup of coffee that she wouldn’t dream of booking a place until she had read every comment in Trip Advisor – and touring the world she had never been disappointed!

Last time we visited, we were very excited to see that we had received a rating of 4.5/5. We had to blink went we went back last week to see that our rating had gone up to 5/5: every category scores the highest, a very rare honour.

We don’t know who has written our reviews but it is lovely to know that guests are so pleased that they take the trouble to upload their reviews. We are delighted and most grateful for their kindness and we promise to do the very best we can for all our new and returning guests.


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