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Take a moment to relax and wander among the shrubs and flowers, discover a secret pond or stretch out on a hammock in the pine grove. We have planted and nurtured our garden organically over the last thirty years on what was once an open field. It has become a tranquil retreat and home to many kinds of wildlife.

They have a wonderful garden of their own …winding grass footpaths lead visitors through a series of contrasting garden rooms ranging from productive kitchen garden to whispering woodland in one place, vivid flowering shrubs in another, and then a secret pond…
Georgina Campbell’s Ireland for Garden Lovers.

The garden was chosen to represent Northern Ireland in the BBC Television Series ‘Gardening Britain’ and has been written about in newspapers and magazines. Before our B & B adventures we opened it frequently in aid of charities but now that our guests take up so much of our time, the garden may look rather tangled. It has evolved into a rather romantic hideaway rather than remaining an immaculate gardener’s garden.

No herbicides or fungicides are used in our two acre garden and this has resulted in an eco balance with no real worries about pests (including slugs) and diseases. We are now converting our 20 acres to organic meadows, shrubberies and tree plantings.